There is a tremendous variety of products to choose from today. Carpets featuring the new stain and soil resistant fibers, linoleum that is extremely durable and hardwood flooring that is easy to maintain. Whether you are remodeling the kitchen, adding that special touch to the living room or furnishing an office complex, we can help you make the right floor covering decision.

The Floor Covering Institute is a 45-year old, non-profit organization with member companies dedicated to serving the needs of both retail and commercial customers. Achieving maximum satisfaction through quality products properly installed is our primary goal.

Browse our directory to find member companies. The member companies listed are proven, qualified suppliers of floor covering products. Their commitment to and participation in the Floor Covering Institute protects your investment in three very important ways:
  • Each member is a licensed contractor in the State of California;
  • Each member and its customers have access to an objective, on-site inspection provided by the institute to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Each member employs professional installers who are required to complete at least three years of supervised training in the formal Apprenticeship Program.
Use our directory and contact us for your next job!